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Sedation Dentistry

Have you been skipping dental appointments
because of dental fear or anxiety

Whether you have had a negative dental experience in the past or just plain don’t like seeing a dentist due to dental anxiety or fear, we understand. At Eringate Dental, we serve patients just like you! Maintaining your oral health is important to your overall health so we don’t want fear or anxiety standing in the way of the treatment you need, be it preventive, cosmetic or restorative dentistry.

Who Can Benefit from Laughing Gas?

If you have any of the following conditions or concerns, sedation dentistry can be a life-saving solution:

Dental fear or anxiety

History of traumatic dental experiences

Difficulty getting numb

Strong gag reflex

Sensitive teeth

Complex dental problems and procedures

Limited time (appointments) to complete dental care

Sensitivity to injections

Sensitivity to dental-related noises, smells, and tastes

You are afraid or embarrassed by your teeth

Laughing gas can be added to just about any dental appointment on request, even dental cleanings! The gas is delivered through a soft nose piece and provides relaxing effects within the first few minutes. With laughing gas, you are still completely conscious, just relaxed. Once your treatment is complete, the laughing gas is turned off and the relaxing sedative wears off. You will be fully recovered at this point and can drive yourself to and from the appointment. Now that is something to smile about!


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