Etobicoke Full/Partial Dentures


If you’ve lost all, or many of your teeth, because of a disease, accident, poor oral health care, or any other reason, visit us at our Etobicoke dental office, where Dr. Razon-Clemente will take care of your denture needs. Depending on your case and the number of teeth you’re missing, we will either provide you with a custom full denture or a custom partial denture. Dr. Razon-Clemente also takes into consideration your convenience and your comfort level, which then determines whether you’ll get a fixed or a removable denture. Dentures require constant follow ups because of the nature of our oral cavity. Over time, the structure of our mouth changes, which leads to the misfit of the denture. Hence, during your follow up sessions your denture will be adjusted to properly fit your jaw and teeth and remain highly secured in your mouth.

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